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Post by Xone|Spirit on Mon Nov 03, 2014 11:46 am

"How do I get an account I can use to log in?"

Get a forum account on the main forums. Avoid fancy special characters in it. Your Global ID (GID) will then be "@forums", without the quotes.

"Done! Now, how do I sign in?"

When on a server supporting authentication (almost all now), say "/login ". A prompt for your password will pop up shortly after, fill it in. No worries, it will be transmitted only as a cryptographic hash.

"Do I have to do that every time?"

No, there are several shortcuts. First, you can avoid typing your GID every time. In your player setup, there is a field rather at the bottom titled "Global ID". Put it in there. Then, you can authenticate either by just saying "/login" or via the "Authenticate" menu item in the ingame menu.

"That still works!"

Oh, all right. If you want to be authenticated all the time, go to your player setup again and activate "Auto Login". Then the login prompt comes up every time.

"But do I still need to enter my password every time?"

If you want to avoid typing your password every time, you need to instruct the client to store it for you. In the password entry dialog, there is a "Store Passwords" item, set that to "In memory" if you only want to be asked for your password once per session or "On disk" if you want it permanently stored in your user.cfg file. Obviously, the last option is risky: if someone gets hold of your user.cfg file, he can impersonate you.
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