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Gotta love the WIKI LOLOLOL

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Gotta love the WIKI LOLOLOL

Post by Xone-Optimus on Sat Oct 11, 2014 2:30 am

The armagetron Uncyclopedia:

I loved this part the best actually....
Player Ranks

How to spot a Noob The top player is a noob, the bottom player isn't. Take note.
With the lack of any meaningful way of knowing who is better than who, the players of Armagetron have come up with an unofficial ranking system of players according to their skill level.
NOOOOOOOOOOOB to Noob: The worst of all players. Noob's are rated with an 'o' rating, the more 'o's in the word noob, the worser they are. Also note the severity of the caps lock.
Not bad: For players that aren't bad.
Who??? oh him, yeah he's good: For players that you often forget, but who are quite good.
Owns: someone who Owns is an unstoppable 2D/3D bike driving machine !!! fear him etc.
Like a Japanese school kid on amphetamines: Someone described in this manner, is practically unbeatable at any computer game.
Stephen Hawkin's Voice Box: The absolute epitome of skill in Armagetron. A player so good it's as if he is playing using the straw that Stephen Hawkins uses to talk with.

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Re: Gotta love the WIKI LOLOLOL

Post by Xone-Meinto on Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:02 am

haha i saw the link, who the hell came up with that is a genius and my new hero.
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